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2019 Issue 3:  CAD/CAM, 3D Printing/ Additive Manufacturing - August 15th submission deadline!!!

2019 Issue 4:  Computer Guided Implant Surgery  - October 1st submission deadline!

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Past Issues Authors & Articles


CBCT Magazine - 2018 Issue 4

From the Editor's Desk: Dr. Prashant P. Jaju

  • Intraoral Scanning: An in-depth review by a Dentist, a Dental Lab, and a Trainer - Darren H. Buschel, DMD; Jamie Schell, RDT; and Christien Kopas, Trainer
  • Why the Intraoral Scanner is Better for You - Luis A Alicea, DMD, MSD
  • A One-to-One Interview with Hugh Flax, DDS, AAACD, MICOI DABAD
  • The Current and Future Scenarios of Intraoral Scanners - Abdul Wahid, Principal Analyst,       BIS Research; and Aditya Chatterjee, Research Associate, BIS Research
  • Digital Workflow and Single Visit Dentistry - Rohit Gupta, BDS
  • VVD Volumetric Visualization Device: How 3D Visualization can impact your next visit to the dentist - Davide Marin, Founder; and Manuela Pipino, Co-Founder of Lumi Industries
  • Therapeutic Alternatives to Maxillary Sinus Tilted Implants - Angelo Cardarelli, DDS; Enrico Felice Gherlone, MD, DMD, PhD

The Pink Issue

  • Intraoral Scanners: Changing the Face of Dentistry - Dr. Radhika Sahni
  • 3D Endo Software: Endodontist Perspective - Dr Sushma Jaju
  • Digital Workflow, Application of Ozone Therapy and PRF in Oral Rehabilitation: Case Report - Dr. Miguel Stanley, Dr. Ana Paz, Dr. Catarina Rodrigues, & Dr. Diogo Mendes
  • Using 3D Technologies in Orthodontice Analysis: Dr. Mayra T. Vasques
  • One-on-One Session with Dr. Suvarna Nene: Implantologist with a Difference
  • Digital Impressions Simplified: A New Face of Dentistry - Dr. Seema Rathi, Dr. Debanti Giri, Dr. Sreya Chowdhury, Dr.TK Giri, Dr. Sugata Mukherjee
  • Digital Radiography: A Recent Advancement in Dentistry - Dr. Seema Rathi, Dr. Debanti Giri, Dr. Sreya Chowdhury, Dr.TK Giri, Dr. Sugata Mukherjee

CBCT Magazine - 2018 Issue 2

From the Editor’s Desk – Dr. Prashant P. Jaju

  • The Benefits and Advantages of using a 3D Face Scan in a Digital Smile Design Workflow – Fernando Polanco
  • Use of 3D Printed Digital Wax-Ups Used with Flowable Injection Veneer Technique - Dr. Virgilio Gutierrez, Dr. Kevin Chacon Perez, Dr. Enrique Diaz Guzman, Dr. Bill Robbins, Dr. Luken de Arbeloa, and Julio Flores Reyes
  • Real Time Dynamic Navigation...Future of Implantology  - Dr. Sanjay Jain
  • One On One Session with The Man Behind India’s Only Dental Museum - Dr. Yogesh Chandrana
  • Fully Digital Workflow in Large Maxilla Implant Rehabilitation: A Case Report - Dr. Shaban Mirco Burgoa La Forcada
  • Comparison of Diagnostic Precision Between 2D & 3D Imaging - Dr. Sana Noor Siddiqui

CBCT Magazine - 2018 Issue 1 

CBCT Magazine - 2017 Issue 1

  • From the Editor’s Desk – Dr. Prashant P. Jaju
  • Functional MRI: Promising modality for chronic orofacial pain. – Dr. Priyanka Sakhavalkar
  • Clinician’s Guide for Purchasing CBCT – Dr. Prashant P. Jaju
  • Virtual Dental Training – Ms. Kristy Montoya
  • SICAT Air and Optisleep: Successful therapy of obstructive sleep apnea. – Dr. Guido Pawlik
  • One-on-One Session with CEO of 3DHEALS Ms. Jenny Chen
  • Implant Therapy in Patient with Severe Periodontal Disease. – Dr. Angelo Cardereiil

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